The Professional Service Management Framework (PSMF) offers a new way to encourage personal and professional development in service management.

How the scorecard works

The PSMF Scorecard Platform - PSMF Global - provides a record of professional development for those working in service management. Any significant step or achievement can be marked with the award of endorsements or credits. Any PSMF or itSMF UK member can register individually as a PSMF Global user, create a profile, and start to build their own scorecard or to endorse others. They can also retain their scorecard as they change between jobs and organisations, so that it becomes a lifelong map of their career growth and achievements.

Organisations with PSMF Membership can also register as PSMF Global users, and this will allow employers to view the endorsements and credits awarded to staff who work (or previously worked) for the organisation.


To register, click on login and then select ‘register as an individual’. The user name will normally be your email address and you can select your own password (which has to be unique). So although the login is separate from the itSMF UK main membership site login, the user name and password will often be the same.

Fill in your details. At the bottom of the registration screen, you should provide your current employer and you can then select any PSMF-compliant companies you’re connected with (which will show up in the drop down list). Below the drop-down lists there is space to list ‘other organisations’ that aren’t in the PSMF member database. Finally, click ‘register’ at the bottom.


PSMF member organisations register in a similar way. From the login page, select ‘register as an organisation’, and then provide details of the organisation and the main administrator contact for the PSMF membership.


The second button on the home page allows you to leave an endorsement - ie ‘recognise’ any individual with a scorecard for an achievement or for demonstrating a particular capability, either at associate level or the more advanced professional level. Anyone can make an endorsement, and the PSMF scorecard should be used to record achievements within the workplace, in special interest groups or other professional activities (such as speaking at an event or writing an article), or outside the working environment (such as showing leadership skills in a leisure activity).

Just search for the intended recipient by surname. (If the name doesn’t appear, it probably means the individual has not yet registered on the PSMF Global site - you just need to ask them to register. Once they have registered, you can add the first endorsement to their scorecard.) Once you find the member’s name, click on the arrow at the right-hand end of the name line.

The recipient’s profile will appear. You now have three options (corresponding to the three buttons, top right):
• Continue to search;
• View the individual’s scorecard, to see what other endorsements and credits they have received;

leave your own endorsement.


The scorecard summarises all the endorsements and credits awarded to the recipient. Anyone can leave an endorsement; it’s an indication that the recipient has met or exceeded a particular goal, developed a new competency, or succeeded in some other respect relevant to their work or broader life skills. Endorsements are awarded at one of two levels – associate and professional.

Endorsements awarded by a Verified Partner will automatically be converted to credits towards a digital badge. The number of endorsements and credits at each level are shown in the two columns on the right hand side.

If you achieve four or more credits at associate or professional level in one of the six categories, you will receive a digital badge in that category. In the example below, the scorecard holder has four professional-level badges in the ‘Your organisation and marketplace’ category, and the corresponding badge has lit up at the bottom of the screen.

Digital badges can be used in email signatures or personal profiles to demonstrate outstanding competence within the Framework.


As mentioned above, endorsements are easy to compose and can be used to acknowledge a broad range of skills and achievements.

If you (as the endorser) are not registered on the PSMF Global system, you need to provide your name and job title.

Select the category (your organisation and marketplace; IT/technical knowledge; core ITSM; interpersonal/relationship; self-management and leadership; general business and management) to which the endorsement relates.

Then, in the second column, select from the seven competencies within that category.

In the third column, decide whether you feel the endorsement should be awarded at the more basic Associate level or the more advanced Professional level. To help you with this selection, you can check out the corresponding Capability Model by clicking on the competency at

Once you have made your selection, type or paste your endorsement into the large box. An endorsement can be of any length, but we would recommend no more than 150-200 words.

Endorsements will be automatically added to the individual’s scorecard, and also linked to the endorser’s profile (if the endorser is registered on PSMF Global). All endorsements are reviewed, and those submitted by Verified Partners will be converted to credits.


Once you have used PSMF Global to set up your profile or leave an endorsement, you can visit it regularly, encourage others to endorse you, and look for opportunities to highlight the achievements of colleagues and friends by leaving endorsements for them. Explore new areas within the Framework, and consider how you can develop your skills in less familiar areas. PSMF Global is all about developing new competencies: make sure you use it to the full.

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